All about the Semiconductor Industry

Semiconductor devices such as transistors, diodes and integrated circuits are found everywhere that are used in our daily lives like in televisions, Walkman, automobiles, computers and washing machines. The whole world has come to depend on them and more and more people have come to expect superior performance at lower cost. During this short span of time the semiconductor industry has gone through a development that was never seen before. Although the industry today is very huge, with billions of dollars spend in only its Research and Development (R&D). Its great significance in the daily life is the cause why to a greater extent governments are inclined to be involved in it, for the reason that if they don’t than it will upset the whole domestic economy.

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The Growth of the Semiconductor Industry
The growth and development of production of semiconductors in the history has been a real inspiring one. Its production started to double every single year after Twenty years after its invention. The production of the semiconductors was started in the United States, where they were invented. In fact it was U.S only which dominated the worldwide production of the semiconductors until the 1970’s. However later Japan overtook this very respectable title of being the number one semiconductors producer in the world.

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Low Power Circuit Design 2

Low Power Circuit Design- A Power Reducing Measure

Advantages of Low power Circuit Design
Low power circuit Design has many advantages especially in reducing the power consumption. Reduced power consumption brings many advantages with it even for non-battery-powered products like higher performance because of lower temperatures, reduced cost because of cheaper packaging etc. As reduced power consumption leads to lower system cost because in these systems no fans are required or cheaper air conditioning for telecom center becomes sufficient. Low power systems are usually smaller and cheaper to manufacture as they have smaller power supplies, smaller heat, smaller batteries sinks and no cooling fans. This design allows attaining high levels of accuracy with lower power dissipation as well.

low power circuit future
Reducing power loss
The main advantage of the low power circuit design is helps in reducing the power loss. The low power circuit uses the dual supply voltages to supply speed on critical parts of the circuit and lower power on non-critical paths as a result Loss from sub threshold can be lowered down by raising the threshold voltage and decreasing the supply voltage. In fact many circuits use different transistors with different threshold voltages in different parts of the circuit to reduce the power consumption with no significant performance loss. Among the other method used for static power consumption is power gating.

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Low Power Circuit Design- A Power Reducing Measure

Today power consumption is a key limitation in many electronic systems ranging from desktop computing to mobile telecom particularly when moving to nanometer technologies. Reduction of dynamic power consumption is a concern for almost all IC products today. Consequently, new design techniques and methodologies are needed to control and limit power consumption. As a result low power circuit designs were made. Low-power circuit design is made to use less electric power. For battery-powered products, Low-power circuit design will reduce power consumption directly results in longer operating time for the product, which is a very attractive quality.

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The Use of Multimeter 2

The Use of Multimeter 1 is here

To Measure Currents:
A multimeter specifically a digital multimeter can work as an ammeter when placed in chain with electrical component or current flowing wire. When it is brought into play as an ammeter, the digital multimeter will have nearly a negligible resistance, resulting in a very small voltage drop across the multimeter leads. Also there are various digital multimeters which are competent of testing both AC and DC currents.


To Measure Resistance:
Multimeter is also used as an ohmmeter to evaluate the resistance of an electrical component. The terminals are fixed across the electrical element, whose resistance is to be measured. On switching on the digital multimeter develops a minute known voltage flanked by its terminals and the resistor is connected across these terminals a current will start to flow, which can be calculated using Ohm’s Law. There are some digital multimeters existing in the market which are used to measure both 2-wire and 4-wire resistance measurements.

For Measuring Continuity and Frequency:
Multimeter are the great option to measure connection between two points of a circuit and to track circuit breaks. The multimeters, have a continuity setting that shows the flow of current between the points. There are also many places where a multimeter can also be used to measure some of the crucial parameter of electrical devices like measuring the frequency. This is done by joining the positive terminal to the electrical component with the signal and the negative lead to ground.

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A Few Significant Advantages of Integrated Circuits

An integrated circuit which is commonly referred as IC is a set of electronic circuits. They are often called as miniaturized electronic circuit as they contains several semiconductor devices with passive components bonded on a small plate or circuit board generally made of Silicon. This entire arrangement is also termed as a hybrid integrated circuit or monolithic integrated circuit.

The IC manufacturing took place after years of experimental discoveries. The semiconductor technology became tremendously advanced in the mid-20th century and from that time onwards the integrated circuits started developing in mass controlling the reliability, capability, and building-block approach to circuit design at the time of manufacturing.

Advantages of Integrated Circuits
Integrated circuits have many advantages like they are superior quality, easy to replacement, low weighed, low-cost and small size. But on the broader perspective there are two main advantages of ICs – first is the cost of the device and second is the performance. Cost of manufacturing a single IC is very low as compared to the other circuits. The cause for this low-cost is the printing of chips and all their components.

integrated circuit

Uses of Integrated Circuits
Integrated circuits have transformed the world of electronics and today they are used in virtually all electronic equipment. This small chip can function as an oscillator, amplifier, microprocessor, timer, or even computer memory. These really small electronics can carry out calculations and store data using either analog or digital technology. If you are familiar with Integrated Circuit or IC, The soldering station should not be stranger to you. If you are inerested to own one, you can check this review site. (Hope it helps! :-) )

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