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The Use of Multimeter 2

To Measure Currents:

A multimeter specifically a digital multimeter can work as an ammeter when placed in chain with electrical component or current flowing wire. When it is brought into play as an ammeter, the digital multimeter will have nearly a negligible resistance, resulting in a very small voltage drop across the multimeter leads. Also there are various digital multimeters which are competent of testing both AC and DC currents.


To Measure Resistance:
Multimeter is also used as an ohmmeter to evaluate the resistance of an electrical component. The terminals are fixed across the electrical element, whose resistance is to be measured. On switching on the digital multimeter develops a minute known voltage flanked by its terminals and the resistor is connected across these terminals a current will start to flow, which can be calculated using Ohm’s Law. There are some digital multimeters existing in the market which are used to measure both 2-wire and 4-wire resistance measurements.

For Measuring Continuity and Frequency:
Multimeter are the great option to measure connection between two points of a circuit and to track circuit breaks. The multimeters, have a continuity setting that shows the flow of current between the points. There are also many places where a multimeter can also be used to measure some of the crucial parameter of electrical devices like measuring the frequency. This is done by joining the positive terminal to the electrical component with the signal and the negative lead to ground.

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A Temperature Measuring Device Using the Radiation – Infrared Thermometer 2

How does IR Thermometer work?
Infrared thermometers work according to the phenomenon of black body radiation. According to that phenomenon anything at a temperature exceeding absolute zero has the molecules within it that is moving around. When the temperature will increase the movement of the molecules will also fasten and will start to emit infrared radiation. As they will start getting hotter, they will emit more infrared and even start to emit visible light.
That is why heated metal can burn up red or even white. Infrared thermometers perceive and evaluate this radiation.

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A Temperature Measuring Device Using the Radiation – Infrared Thermometer

There are various types of thermometer for measuring the temperature of an item, but to determine the temperature of an object or a place or machine even from a mile away from the object a new type of thermometer is present in the market that is called the Infrared thermometers. Infrared thermometers are those thermometers that tell the temperature by measuring infrared energy from an object. These thermometers are made to measure an object’s temperature from a safe distance, without touch the object. Because of this kind of extraordinary feature, IR thermometer is widely used in many fields and has become the best detecting device in industry.


Types of IR Thermometer
With time and its immense benefits to the industry many different types of IR Thermometers are there in the market. Some of the common thermometers are Spot Infrared Thermometer- this thermometer focuses a laser onto some small point of the object and reads the infrared radiation coming from that point and thus measures temperature. Infrared Line Scanning Systems- This thermometer is very much like Spot Infrared Thermometer the only difference is that instead of focusing on one small spot this thermometer make use of mirrors to return back its laser onto a wider surface for analysis.

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The Use of the Multimeter 1

The multimeter is a multipurpose instrument that is used to get different types of electrical measurements. Multimeter is in reality an electronic measuring device that combines several measurement functions together in one unit. This device is also known as VOM which stands for Volt-Ohm meter. It is called a multimeter because it measures the three different types of electrical measurements namely voltage, resistance and current.

It is actually hand-held device which is used for basic fault detecting or as an instrument which can calculate to a very high degree of accuracy. The multimeter is a regular piece of equipment in all electrical toolkits. They are used by Electricians and engineers and Installers for measuring the AC or DC voltage or current, and decibel or resistance loss between two nodes in a circuit.

However a basic multimeter can be analog with a digital or dial with an LCD display. According to the electrical theory a perfect multimeter has no effect on the circuit being measured. It has a range setting and many digital models having auto ranging. Many have a dial to switch between the various ranges and AC/DC.


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